Fascias, Soffits and Guttering (Roof Trim).

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Roof trim may not be the sexiest aspect of home improvements, but it is very important. Essex Home Improvements Ltd have the expertise and knowledge to help you guard your home from weather damage for years to come. With our long-lasting, low-maintenance range of products your home will look great and remain protected.

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Essex Home Improvements Ltd have expert tradespeople who will survey your property and offer honest, sensible advice on how you might protect your home from the elements. Your home is probably the most valuable possession you have and so it pays to protect it. The expense need not be prohibitive and it is worth paying a little now to save a lot in the future. Our products are of the highest quality and available in a range of materials that will suit your property, giving the best protection possible with the minimum of maintenance.

Roof Trim

Fascias - Fascias are the band that sits just underneath the roof edge of our home. If Fascias are not kept in good condition they can rot and lead to costly damage to your property. With a little care and attention, as well as the right materials, Fascias can be secured or renewed for very reasonable cost and great peace of mind.

Gutters - Guttering that is in good condition acts to direct excess water away from the areas where it might cause lasting and costly damage. If guttering is damaged or degraded it can lead to expensive rot or water damage to your home. It is not expensive to have guttering repaired and renewed with long-lasting and low maintenance materials and it could save you a great deal of money in the long run.

Soffits - Situated on the underside of the overhang of the roof, the soffits protect your home from the invasion of the elements. If water gets under the roof and causes damage it can lead to a very costly bill to repair and make good. Maintenance or replacement of soffits can add to the outlook of your home and save you money.

Cladding - A layer of cladding on your home can provide protection from the elements and improve the image of the building. The cladding, in almost all homes, is an integral part of the building. It might also be that the cladding is added later to improve the aesthetic look of a home or property. Whichever is the case for you, well maintained cladding is essential to protect your home from damage from the elements.

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